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Technical Glossary

A quick glance guide to answer your technical questions. If you have a question not answered here email

Gangs are basically the number of switches or sockets on a unit. A 4-gang light switch unit has four switches.

Low voltage dimmers
Some of our dimmer switches are described as "low voltage" this means they are for use on circuits with low voltage lighting, although the current running through them is still mains 240v. Also, all our 250w and 400w dimmers are now usable on either low voltage or full mains voltage circuits but dimmers with higher wattage than these still need to be either low voltage or regular, depending on the application.

Metal/Plastic rockers
The switches in some of our ranges are available with either metal or moulded plastic switches. Make sure you specify exactly what you want. Metal costs a bit more.

Plaster depth switches
Some of our switches are described as "plaster depth", this means they fit into a shallower 25mm wall box instead of the standard 35mm.

Toggle switches
Also called dolly switches are available only on ranges with 7 or 10 year guarantees.

Wallbox depths
All units take standard 35mm wallboxes. The only exceptions to this are: shaver sockets which require 47mm wallboxes, architrave switches and 6-gang dimmers.

The ways are the number of "ways" an appliance can be turned on or off.   A light with two light switches is described as needing two 2-way switches.   We do not sell 1-way switches because a 2-way switch is easily wired as a 1-way.   3-way set-ups require the use of an intermediate switch "in the middle" so to speak.

Intermediate switches
Our online range here only shows 1-gang intermediate switches, we can however supply intermediate switches in 2, 3, 4 & 6 gang. Contact .